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List of features not yet available in the early version of the new Outlook on the web

On September 10th, when Targeted Release customers can opt-in to the early version of the new Outlook on the web, there will be some features that won't be available yet in that early version of the new experience.

If you need to use a feature that is not yet available you can opt-out of the early version and opt-in again later, as often as you want.


See below for features not yet available on September 10th.


1. Reading Pane and Mail Compose 

  • No chat or call functionality integrated in your inbox
  • Edit "Send From" address 
  • Policy tips - Policies will be respected and actioned but users will not see prevention tips. Shirt Long T Bros Sleeve Campbell  

2. Folders and Message List 

  • Shared Folders - No ability to share individual folders across mailboxes. 
  • Folder retention policies - No support for administrators being able to set how long emails are retained in certain folders. Ex: Changing how long emails stay in Junk email before being automatically deleted 


1. Forms 

  • Not able to add or remove time zones. 
  • No Mailtips available in Calendar while reading/composing
  • No ability to propose a new time from the meeting invite 
  • No email reminders 

2. Calendar Surface: 

  • No ability to open calendars from organization's directory (in classic experience known as: to add a calendar "From directory")
  • Long Sleeve T Shirt Bros Campbell Public foldersSleeve Long Campbell Bros T Shirt  - No suppport to create a calendar in a public folder or manage/share it
  • No out of office (OOF) toast message that shows up in the form, if at least one of the attendees that you are trying to schedule for is OOF
  • No ability to publish calendars to an HTML link (that others can view) or an .ics endpoint (that others can subscribe to).
  • Weather settings - no ability to set your weather location(s)
  • No support for printing calendars  


  • No keyboard shortcuts + accessibility 


  • Public Folders – ability for multiple people in the company to access a given folder is not yet supported

We are working to bring these features soon but you can always use them by opting out of the early version of the new Outlook on the web.

Please, give us feedback and help us prioritize our work through our UserVoice channel.





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Um, that's a very big list of features, some of which are quite important. Perhaps you can post some timeframes as to when can we expect them to appear?

Bros Sleeve T Long Shirt Campbell
Long Bros T Shirt Sleeve Campbell Occasional Visitor

That is really a huge list. We will most likely skip this on our production tenant.


We certainly appreciate knowing our limits, maybe we could see a list of why we would opt-in?


Update: In reviewing this with our desktop team, it was pointed out to me that I missed the link to the "Good Stuff."
Here it is for reference:


T Bros Shirt Campbell Sleeve Long
Occasional Visitor

I already have users who were not happy with the existing limitations of OWA, so to consider opting-in would be unpopular.


The focus should be on adding functionality found in the client version that is absent in OWA.

Occasional Visitor

No keyboard shortcuts??

Occasional Visitor

This is really a Beta release (early beta). You should not even bother people with opt-in and should not be released.

T Bros Long Sleeve Shirt Campbell

Considering the size and scope of Outlook web app and this being a beta, the list is short and dose not include any show stoppers, a few tips or shared folders missing won't let most everyone still be able to send email easy enough. Not to mention your not forced to use it. If your users need training and hand holding to do email, then by all means disable the option to use the beta, but if your users are like mine (engineers and software developers) some of them may want to try something new.

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